Saturday, May 5, 2007

An Excess of Protein Leads to a Loss of Calcium

It's important to emphasize a fact in relation to calcium. Proteins are necessary so that calcium will remain fixed in the bones, but an excess can be harmful. This seems to be an important factor in the cause of osteoperosis.

The more proteins ingested, especially if they are of animal origin, the more blood is acidified by the action of lactic and uric acids which are formed when proteins are metabolized. This forces the body to use part of its calcium reserves to compensate for the excess of acid. For one of the functions of calcium is to maintain the balance between the acid and alkaline substances in the blood.
Furthermore, calcium forms soaps which cannot be absorbed by the intestines as it binds with the fatty acids coming from the digestion of fats. Therefore a rich supply of fats makes the absorption of calcium difficult.
However, it must be understood that, aside from this, osteoporosis has other causes of a hormonal or metabolic nature. But it has been demonstrated that the use of meat in large quantities and cured cheese increases loss of calcium, and worsens the illness. On the other hand, a balanced vegetarian diet which contains the needed proteins has an alkalizing effect, diminishes the loss of calcium and acts as a preventive of osteoporosis, especially if it is accompanied with physical exercise.


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